dissertation feedback


So i now need to think about how i am going to improve my grade, following these simple steps should insure this…

  • Go over all my grammer and sentences,insuring they are not too long and consist of three parts as stated in last weeks lesson.
  • Make sure all my paragraphing is correct
  • Re arrange my chapters

Once this is complete i can then start to work on completeing the rest of my dissertation which i plan to start over the weekend.


Dissertation first draft


Tweeking the question…..

Subject area banned ads and censorship…

Banned adverts, can we really censor them from our screens?



After researching i need a plan of how my dissertation is going to be structured so whilst im reading i will be gathering questions that i would like to answer and why.

Creative Mischief the book has given me an interesting structure of writing which i would like to try and adapt to my own style.

Books books and more books

So i have a mound of books that i have to read to refresh my memory..lots to read and learn so i best get cracking.

I will base my initial research around the first tv and print ad and then begin to focus more on the tv ads as they derived from the print.

Looking back the first print ads were in the 1800’s so i have almost 100 years of advertising to catch up on!!!

September already!!

Okay so now as the finalĀ  year of uni is almost here i need to put together all my reasearch that i have collected over the holidays and actually piece it together on this blog.It’s been nice to have so much time off but now i am ready to put my stamp on the industry.

I have finally identified the are of interest that i will be basing my disseratation upon and that area is advertising.I really enjoyed the advertising project i did towards the end of the year which is what gave me the idea of pursuing this as my final dissertation idea.


As advertising is such a broad subject i need to narrow down the area that im interested in and start to think what would make an interesting read as i don’t want it to be something that someone reads and becomes bored.

Only one more year to go….

Okay so now the time has come to actually start preparing for my dissertation, the last 2 years have flown by.

I have no idea as to what i want to do…so time to get my thinking cap on….